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Book Review: Looking For Alaska

I LOVED the back 1/3 of this book. And I might've stopped reading around pg. 70 if I wasn't weirdly loyal to the books I pick up. Seriously, I feel like I have to finish even if it's killing me. I'm weird. 

BUT magic happens around the 65% mark. Worth sticking around for. I wished I hadn't borrowed this from the library because there were entire passages I wanted to underline because they were just so freakin' beautiful. John Greene does it again (or maybe for the first time since this was his debut novel).

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A Day In The Life Series: Deana Birch

I'm so excited today because I have a major treat for you! As I was editing my latest WIP, I realized how hard it can be to just sit down and write sometimes. With all the roles I play on a daily basis (including holding down a day job), it's often a struggle to put my fingers to the keyboard and tap into that creative side.

Of course, the psychology nerd in me couldn't leave it there. I immediately started thinking of all the writers out there who are just like me, knee-deep in the query trenches while still being a full-time employee/parent/spouse/caregiver... and yet they still find it in them to write. I wanted to know more about those people, and by some happy miracle, they agreed to answer all my nosy questions! Without further ado, I give you "A Day In The Life."

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Book Review: Midnight in Austenland

If Agatha Christie and Jane Austen had a baby, it would... Okay maybe if Agatha Christie and Jane Austen co-wrote, it would be this book. A delightfully romantic, chick-lit novel that you could breeze through in a few days! I love these kinds of books. In the best way, they kind of cleanse the palette from more "heavy" reads or dark storylines. Granted this story did have a murder, attempted strangling, hostage-holding and a crime scene cover-up, but it was meant to be campy and quirky.

Which brings me to this: I don't know what everyone was so upset over on Goodreads. Sure, this isn't what I'd call Book Club Fiction (even though there is a "reader guide" in the back) or even smart Women's Fiction. But it accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to be lighthearted and purely entertaining.

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Book Review: The Truth About Forever

This book was everything I'd been hoping for! A thought-provoking, teen romance that was more about the character's growth than the shiny, new boyfriend. Though I wish there had been more kissing... Macy's and Wes's budding relationship was SO believable, and I've been missing this from my past couple of books lately. It felt natural, and I could clearly picture every moment in my head.

A wonderful book, and I almost wish I'd read this Sarah Dessen book first. I'm a huge fan and will definitely be seeking out her other works. 

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Book Review: The Moon and More

The back jacket description is a bit misleading... I keep getting tricked into reading non-romance romances! Again, it was such a good story, I didn't even mind. This story isn't about Theo or Luke or finding that super fun summer romance. It's about Emaline and her last summer as the girl from Colby before starting out on her next chapter. The thing that resonated most with me was the realness of it. I can remember the summer before college, the summer before I got married, the summer before I moved (it just passed by the way)... all those summer before ______. It's a scary time even as an adult, and I loved how Dessen captured all of us in Emaline's experience of growing up. 

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