A Day In The Life: with Taralynn Moore

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Wahoo! It's time for our third installment of "A Day In The Life" featuring writers from all backgrounds across all genres. I'm so excited for today's interview because Taralynn Moore is filled with such amazing insight for new and seasoned writers alike. There's nothing more thrilling than getting to know fellow writers and learning from one another. You can tell she's been writing for a while, and I'm honored to pass along her wisdom to you all. So without further ado...

Meet Taralynn Moore

What's your full-time job?:
Management and Human Resources for a professional beauty supply sub-distributor

What was your major in college?:

Same! Maybe it's our study of human behavior that drew us to writing and crafting characters. Aside from psych major, what other titles do you hold?:
I'm a wife of 17 years to a world-travelling sailor and a mom of three. My daughter, 10, is full of independence and fire. My 6 year old son was born with a congenital heart defect and was diagnosed with partial DiGeorge Syndrome, a genetic condition nearly as common as Down Syndrome. My youngest son is 4 and brimming with opinions and warm hugs.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?:
I've always written. Poetry when I was much younger, song lyrics, stories here and there. Three years ago I realized that I needed the creative outlet again and began focusing on it much more.

I'm sure your experience with poetry and lyrics has influenced your prose as well. What's the latest book you read?:
Not Broken by Meka James

What genre do you write in most?:
I've found I rarely write in one straight genre. Usually, my work would be described as Mainstream with a strong central romance.

Ooh, I'm a sucker for good romances. Tell me more!:
I'm currently querying the first book of a series titled KING: UNVEILED. It was inspired by the story of King David, only in this case, the main character is a young woman named Bria. Jon and David serve as her love interests. Instead of vying for a crown, they battle for control over the family company and for her heart. Though written as a love triangle, the unique part to the story is the relationship between Jon and David. They manage to balance their jealousy with concern for her, and for each other, all while Bria uncovers the truth about her creation and the direction of her heart.

I love the idea of telling a familiar story from an unfamiliar perspective. With a finished manuscript and an upcoming series, how do you keep up with writing regularly?
I'm inspired a great deal by music and even plot and outline my stories with playlists. Most of my writing is done at night, once the kids are in bed. I tend to write in spurts, with far too many words. Once they are down, I'll go back through and tighten and edit. I listen a lot while driving or working on other things around the house, using the VoiceDream app, and make notes for myself along the way. I know most people power through their first draft, but I tend to write, rewind a chapter with small edits, then go on to the next. If I know I'll be attacking a certain scene at night, I might listen to that song on repeat all day. It inspires me and makes the scene flow faster when I get to start typing.

Who or what influences your writing  most?:
My parents have always supported me in it. My mom believes it is what I was meant to do, and when my dad finished writing a book, it inspired me to finally do the same. A dear friend of mine, Holly, encouraged me in the idea. While I was still writing it, though, she became very sick, and passed away from lung disease before I could finish. She made me promise her I wouldn't give up, and I have kept that promise and her words of encouragement with me ever since.

You're already querying your latest WIP, King: Unveiled. How's the query process treating you so far?
I've sent out several query letters, some far before I should have. It is a learning process best done in batches. I've had a few partial and full requests but nothing solid yet. I'm hopeful as I learn more, that the right connection will be made. Rejection is hard, but I remind myself that it's like dating, and marriage. You want to end up with the right match, for the sake of both parties, or the future will be a bumpy one.

Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?
I'm excited that a short story of mine called BENEATH THE LIGHTS will be published in an anthology by Fiery Seas Publishing later this year.

In your opinion, what's the hardest part about being a writer? What's the most fun?:
he hardest part about being a writer is learning how much you don't know along the way. And the desire to have everyone love every word never goes away. Reminding yourself that it is an unrealistic goal helps, but only a little. Learning to abide by the guidance and rules of the industry, but still balance your voice and goals as a writer, is the biggest battle.

The most fun is in writing and the rush of ideas connecting like a painted picture on the page. And making writer friends! I'm so thankful for the group of lovely women that surround and support me every day. The relationships have not only encouraged me as an author, but also as a woman, a mother, and a wife.

What advice do you have for other writers who might be balancing a lot of projects at once while pursuing the dream of being published?
It's hard not to feel rushed and pushed, like a failure for not hitting the next step or level. Don't let it get to you! There is room enough for all the words and all the writers, and your time will come when it's right for you. Live your life. Love your life. Let writing be a part of making it a full one.

Also, make sure the writer friends you connect with are supportive and honest. Anyone that crushes your spirit should not be offered regular impact on your life or words, and anyone that whispers only your perfections may not be pushing you to be your best. It takes a balance of honesty and kindness. Make THOSE people your people.

Well said. Thank you so much for being a part of the Writer's Desk this week. Keep a lookout for Taralynn Moore's short story, Beneath The Lights coming from Fiery Seas Publishing later this year! It's been a pleasure getting to know more about you and your writing!


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