Sensitivity and Critique Reading

Writers retreat space  - Santa Monica, CA

Writers retreat space - Santa Monica, CA

I'm a firm believer in having as many eyes on your first draft as possible. The one downside to CP (critique partner) groups is all those eyes and opinions come at once, and most aren't focused on a particular sensitive issue. 

    As a reader, I give page by page feedback of overall pacing, character development, and any plot elements that could use some strengthening. This is a bit more in depth than a straight beta read because, as a fellow writer, I'll help point out spots that need smoothing.

    For sensitivity reading, I also include my professional feedback on current research and therapeutic trends. I'm a licensed clinician and disability service provider in the state of Georgia. As a clinician, I have experience in the following areas:

    • Counseling skills
    • Psychodiagnosis (DSM-V)
    • Developmental psychopathology (severe diagnoses in children and teens)
    • Child & family issues
    • Trauma (physical and psychological)
    • PTSD
    • Anxiety & depression
    • Issues of suicide (thoughts, attempts, and survivors of suicide)
    • Neurological disorders
    • Persons with disabilities (physical and psychological)

    Here are a few points to help you decide if my services are for you: 

    1. Mental health doesn't always mean a diagnosis or medication
    2. A "panic attack" is where things happen to your body at an anatomical level. Not everyone with anxiety has them. 
    3. Grief looks different at every stage of life. A 5yo handles it differently than a 35yo. Also, did you know grief isn't linear?
    4. Suicide is never about one thing. Wonder why all mental health providers had a problem with 13 Reasons Why? It's never just about being lonely, or depressed, or victimized, or angry. It's about all of them and then some.
    5. As therapists, we all dream of a Good Will Hunting moment, but sadly, those rarely happen, if ever. Sigh.

      I attend 20+ hours of continuing education each year to maintain licensure. I'm up to date on the latest mental health trends, research, and evidence based practices because that's my job! It's your job to write the next best seller ;)

      My turnaround time is 2 weeks and I only charge $.002 per word, capped at $95.

      Why so affordable? Regardless of manuscript length, I want to provide a quality service that's accessible to you. The cost of polishing a WIP can be an obstacle in your path to querying. Let me help you navigate the critique reading process along with any mental health topics in your manuscript. You want your manuscript to be the most authentic work it can be. 

      To schedule your service, contact me at or purchase Sensitivity Reading from the Shop.