NaNoWriMo: How to get through the next 30 days (Part II)

So you've made it through the first week. You're on a roll, cranking out your word count, but you feel yourself losing some momentum. Today's tips will help you get back on track and go full steam ahead over these next few weeks! To see Tips 1-3, click here.

4. Sleep. 


It sounds SO simple, yet it's so hard, especially when our minds come alive at night. Top tip: keep a journal or notepad by your bed. When you have a bolt of inspiration, jot it down and drift right back to sleep.

Consider NOT burning the midnight oil (I know, crazy), and instead, hit the ground running on fresh legs the next morning. Coffee is great, but it can't make up for sleep deprivation entirely. Did you know for every hour of sleep you lose, you function at an IQ that's 10 points lower than usual?? Boost your sleep routine by not eating or drinking an hour before bed, spray some Lavender on your pillow, and keep your phone across the room! The harsh white-blue backlit screens can seriously mess with your brain when you're trying to relax.

5. When In Doubt, Don't Scratch Out


You might be the kind of writer that spends several valuable minutes coming up with the perfect word to go right there. Don't waste precious time! One of the easiest tips I learned in my first #NaNoWriMo was the slash. When you can't think of the right word/phrase, just put them all down! It's totally allowed and counts toward your 50K. 

Here's a good example: There weren't enough eyes/stares/staring people in the room to make her feel uneasy/uncomfortable/nervous, but she did anyway. 

Don't waste another minute second-guessing yourself. Keep those fingers moving and those words flowing.

6. Change It Up

coffee shop.png

Okay okay, I KNOW I just told you to have a writing space in the Part I. But, establishing your space and routine is the first part. The second part is to change it up a little. You've been rockin and rollin for 7 days now, but you're starting to stall. Keep the essence of the routine you established in Part I, but spruce it up a bit. Write next to the window instead of at your desk. Write at your local coffee shop or bookstore, and get the added bonus of people-watching and eavesdropping. If you listen to other people talk long enough, you will find some GEMS.

Or just hop in the car and go for a drive. I swear by driving and writing! I do some of my best writing while I'm driving because I can often go on autopilot if I'm driving somewhere familiar. My mind is free to replay dialogue, and I actually talk it through with myself OUT LOUD in the car to see how it sounds. I definitely stop doing this the MOMENT I pull up to a red light so people won't think I'm crazy. 

That's it, friends! Simple, easy steps to take Week 2 of NaNoWriMo to the next level. Stay tuned for Part III, Tips 7-10! No matter where you are on your NaNo journey, you've got this. And remember, every word you put down on the page is one more word than you had before.

Happy Writing!