My Sister's A Rockstar!!

In case you weren’t aware, I come from a lineage of badass women. The most recent form of proof came in yesterday’s article in Voyage ATL! It’s all about my little sister, Jordan Van Zyl, and her path to establishing her own business. She’s sort of a rockstar. Dreamheart Music provides music lessons, performance coaching, and music therapy for kids with special needs.

Photography: Kelly Devine Image source:

Photography: Kelly Devine
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Burnt out and overworked at her previous job, she made a bold move to open her own mobile practice. Her physical and mental health was suffering due to her workplace stress, but she carved a way out and, in the process, formed Dreamheart Music which has helped countless people.

We always knew this dream of hers would come to fruition one day, but it’s still so cool to watch it unfold. Her business is her passion, and her passion is her business. I wish all therapists, no matter their specialty, were like this. She commits to her clients and champions their progress from beginning to end. It’s no wonder she’s being honored in Local Stories with fellow Trailblazers from the Atlanta area.

You can read the full article from Voyage ATL here!

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