Book Review Wednesday: ACOTAR


4 out of 5 stars

Library Hardcover - YA Fantasy

ACOTAR= A Court of Thorns and Roses


I loved the world building and the other supporting characters. I didn't connect with Feyre as much in the beginning, so it was hard to get through those long chapters about her anger toward her family and her past. There were several moments where she repeated herself, or said she didn't care or was "over it" (meaning how her sisters and dad treated her), but then she'd say how much it hurt or how she still harbored hate about it...felt really wishy washy. That said, I totally get WHY she had to be all icy (breaking the spell and whatnot), but it was just hard to connect with as a first-person POV. 

The first 100 pages were painfully slow for me. I felt like I was being told the same information three times over. We get it, Feyre. Your family sucks and they don't show their love in the exact way you'd want them to. And there was lots of tongue clicking. How many people actually click their tongues? I'm pretty sure every character clicked their tongue at one point, and oftentimes multiple times in the same chapter...BUT after page 100, the pacing took off, and I couldn't put it down.

Feyre's growth was incredible, and I really enjoyed getting to see how she changed throughout the book. My only other qualms were more about formatting, I guess. Again, in that first quarter of the book, there were SO many italicized words for emphasis, more ellipses and em-dashes than I could count. It caused me to stumble several times, and I wish Maas would've just let me read the damn book. But that all disappeared during the back 75% of the book- it was like reading a different story. 

LOVED the author's descriptions, her attention to detail and senses, and how she wove an incredible story about the lengths someone would go to for love. Felt a little HUNGER GAMES x BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, especially when the trials kicked in. I've already got book 2 on hold at the library, and will be the first in line for book 3 ;)