Hey Bookworm, Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my book lovers out there! May your day be filled with beautiful words and lovely people (fictional boyfriends okay). 

For all my writer friends who aren't feeling so loved and still recovering from a sting of (agent) rejection, you can and will do this! After all, an author is a writer who never gave up. In the wise words of my fellow writer friend, Taralynn Moore, "there is room enough for all the words and all the writers, and your time will come when it's right for you. Live your life. Love your life. Let writing be a part of making it a full one."

Stay tuned for her author interview coming from The Writer's Desk later this month!

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Been a Long Time

With the holidays comes traveling and time spent snuggling your sisters, kissing on your newborn niece, and not reading/writing/reviewing books. I did get back to my all-time favorite, Peter Pan. But like... why review something that's amazing and classic and perfect? 

Let's talk about January. The pinnacle of everyone's crazy resolutions, motivational posters, and Facebook slaps about how I need to get off my butt and do something. So... I'm back to blogging. I guess if everyone else is losing 20lbs and becoming thriving entrepreneurs, the least I can do is finish Draft 3 of my novel and tell you about it!

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Real Life: What's Your "real" job?

These days, buying local, Small Business Saturday, and supporting mom and pop shops are honorable and desirable things! I get really sad when people don't understand that this is my local business. Why do we trust big companies who advertise to PURPOSEFULLY get us to buy things we don't need, yet when I approach someone about oils, I get told I'm immoral and "just selling something." Um, HELLO! Target is just selling something, but we laugh and tell our friends when we drop hundreds of dollars on things we didn't go in there for. I promise I will never hock things at you. That's gross, and frankly I don't have time to dupe you and take your money. What I DO have time for--what I DO get passionate about--is helping people and connecting them with a resource that can literally change their lives.

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