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A Day In The Life: with EC Newman

SURPRISE!! I have one more author interview up my sleeve! And this one is extra special because Eden Newman (published as EC Newman) is my great friend and IRL critique partner. We're some of the founding members of the Warner Robins Writers Group, and love talking about movies, Sebastian Stan, and Teen Wolf characters almost as much as books. 

EC Newman is represented by a UK Lit Agent, but has an interesting perspective on the publication process. Keep reading to see how she handles rejection, writing routines, and balancing life as a published author.

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A Day In The Life: with Tauri Cox

I've had the privilege of interviewing several friends from the writing community as they trek down the writer-to-author path. It can be a difficult one, and sadly, many writers give up. To add another challenge, none of these writers (or myself) write full-time! But these past few weeks have been such a great reminder of what it takes, and how anyone who wishes to learn can be successful at this.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tauri Cox this week. We met through the vast universe that is Twitter, finding cozy pockets of writers who give great advice and support. Tauri actually published a review for my debut novel, False River, and it's always a joy getting to chat with her.

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A Day In The Life: with Taralynn Moore

Wahoo! It's time for our third installment of "A Day In The Life" featuring writers from all backgrounds across all genres. I'm so excited for today's interview because Taralynn Moore is filled with such amazing insight for new and seasoned writers alike. There's nothing more thrilling than getting to know fellow writers and learning from one another. You can tell she's been writing for a while, and I'm honored to pass along her wisdom to you all. So without further ado...

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A Day In The Life Series: Forest Wells

Get ready for the second installment of our "Day In The Life" series! These writers have been so generous to share a bit about themselves and their writing process. And I've been blown away at how differently we all work. It makes the craft of writing that much more interesting.

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Hey Bookworm, Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my book lovers out there! May your day be filled with beautiful words and lovely people (fictional boyfriends okay). 

For all my writer friends who aren't feeling so loved and still recovering from a sting of (agent) rejection, you can and will do this! After all, an author is a writer who never gave up. In the wise words of my fellow writer friend, Taralynn Moore, "there is room enough for all the words and all the writers, and your time will come when it's right for you. Live your life. Love your life. Let writing be a part of making it a full one."

Stay tuned for her author interview coming from The Writer's Desk later this month!

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A Day In The Life Series: Deana Birch

I'm so excited today because I have a major treat for you! As I was editing my latest WIP, I realized how hard it can be to just sit down and write sometimes. With all the roles I play on a daily basis (including holding down a day job), it's often a struggle to put my fingers to the keyboard and tap into that creative side.

Of course, the psychology nerd in me couldn't leave it there. I immediately started thinking of all the writers out there who are just like me, knee-deep in the query trenches while still being a full-time employee/parent/spouse/caregiver... and yet they still find it in them to write. I wanted to know more about those people, and by some happy miracle, they agreed to answer all my nosy questions! Without further ado, I give you "A Day In The Life."

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