Hello there! I’m Haley and I write dark and twisty love stories for young adults. I’m a lover of the outdoors, avid watcher of Netflix, and all-around foodie. In middle school, I began daydreaming about writing movies, so I drafted several screenplays during my teenage years. They were garbage. So a few years later and after a crash course in creative writing, I wrote my first novel. It was also garbage. But an author is a writer who never gave up, right?

These days, my love stories lean toward non-traditional—think sibling rivals turned allies, breaking away from overprotective parents, learning to love yourself, and choosing forgiveness over bitterness. My southern roots instilled in me a slight obsession with family secrets, so naturally, I write about those too…plus magic.

My constant quest to unravel the human condition led me to study psychology at the University of Georgia where I also received my master’s in counseling. I now live in Maine with my husband and our dog, Max, who’s going through a grumpy phase right now. Ignore him. I’m regularly swept off my feet by New England beaches, cozy bookstores, and food trucks (obsessed with food trucks), and when I’m not playing make-believe, I can be found snuggled up with a book or my favorite over-sized coffee mug.